Dubuque Symphony Youth Ensembles to Perform Fall Concert at Heritage Center

The Dubuque Symphony Youth Ensembles (DSYE) opens its 2013 – 2014 concert season at the University of Dubuque’s Heritage Center on Sunday, November 17 at 7pm. The DSYE is comprised of three training ensembles: Dubuque Youth String Ensemble, Dubuque Youth Philharmonia, and Dubuque Symphony Youth Orchestra.

The String Ensemble and Philharmonia are conducted by Ann Duchow.  Duchow is associate concertmaster for the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra (DSO) and is the orchestra director at Dubuque Senior High School. She will lead the String Ensemble, an introductory honors ensemble for strings, in three selections that showcase different types of bow strokes. Their final piece titled “Secret Agent 440” was written by Carrie Lane Gruselle, who is the mother of DSO cellist Emily Gruselle.

The Philharmonia is a full-orchestra honors ensemble for string, wind, brass and percussion players. They will perform Bizet’s Farandole from L’Arlesienne Suite No. 2, Strauss’ Overture to Die Fledermaus, and Verdi’s Overture to Nabucco. The program is an exploration of history through classical music written between the years of 1840 and 1875.

“The Farandole was a folk dance, and is used often at Christmas time as the March of the Three Kings. Strauss’ waltzes are beloved in Austria,” explained Duchow. “The Overture to Die Fledermaus is a light and charming compilation of waltzes that is often performed around New Years.”

The Youth Orchestra is the DSYE's premier honors orchestra. It is conducted by Dr. Thomas Taylor Dickey, the Director of Orchestral Activities at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. They will perform Flourish by Vaughan Williams, as well as selections by Bach and Beethoven.

“Concerto competition winners Matt Niemer and Emily Ott will be featured in the ever-popular Double Violin Concerto by JS Bach,” said Dr. Dickey. “And the full orchestra will come together to perform Beethoven's Symphony No. 1 in C Major.”

Tickets go on sale November 1 at the Heritage Center’s Farber Box Office open Monday – Friday, 12:30 – 5:30pm. To order over the phone, call (563) 585-SHOW. All tickets are general admission. Cost is $6 for adults and $4 for children 12 and under.

The Dubuque Symphony Orchestra is proud to announce that the following students have been accepted into the DSYE, the DSO’s premier orchestra training program:

Dubuque Youth String Ensemble

Violin I

Wes Miller, Concertmaster, Dubuque, IA

Lucas Daubenberger, Dubuque, IA

Andrew Birkett, Dubuque, IA

Claire Paulson, Dubuque, IA

Holly Schroeder, Dubuque, IA

Max Naumann, Peosta, IA

Gavin Schroeder, Dubuque, IA

MaryRose Jones, Dubuque, IA

Violin II

Becky Yu, Principal, Dubuque, IA

Ava Hash, Peosta, IA

Ethan Lassen, Dubuque, IA

Nathan Johnson, Platteville, WI

Elizabeth Williams, Dubuque, IA

Mara Shannon, Guttenberg, IA


Jack Kolker, Principal, Peosta, IA

Payton Kizer, Zwingle, IA

Keeley Schultz, Dubuque, IA

TaileyBudde, Dubuque, IA

Corinne Scheidecker, Dubuque, IA


Adeline Coenen, Principal, Dubuque, IA

Eliza Sunleaf, Dubuque, IA

Emily Lindgreen, Dubuque, IA

Logan Mihm, Dubuque, IA


Isaac Johnson, Principal, Dubuque, IA

Dubuque Youth Philharmonia

Violin I

Kaitlin Moran, Concertmaster, Dubuque, IA

Scott Tigges, LaMotte, IA

Sibani Ram, Dubuque, IA

Gabe Naumann, Peosta, IA

Kellie Connolly, Dubuque, IA

Trisha Tigges, LaMotte, IA

Violin II

Abby Hamborg, Principal, Dubuque, IA

HolliFarnum, Dubuque, IA

Xander Sherman, Dubuque, IA

Wes Miller, Dubuque, IA


Heather Hostager, Principal, Dubuque, IA

Grace Manternach, Dubuque, IA

MaxfieldCoenen, Dubuque, IA

Lydia Wehrspann, Sherrill, IA


Emma Tonn, Principal, Dubuque, IA

Nicholas Moran, Dubuque, IA


Dan Schwalb, Principal, Dubuque, IA

Isaac Johnson, Dubuque, IA


Mary Edwards, Principal, Dubuque, IA

Frances Inzenhofer, Dubuque, IA


Samantha Anderson,Principal, Galena, IL

Lexi Doremus, Dubuque, IA


Stephen Cochran, Principal, Dubuque, IA

Katelyn Oftedahl, East Dubuque, IL


Lauren Schlueter, Principal, Worthington, IA


Michael Banwarth,Principal, Dubuque, IA

Katherine Engelken, Dubuque, IA


Matt Schatz, Principal, Dubuque, IA

AdiCanganelli, Dubuque, IA

Matthew Heil,Dubuque, IA


Emily Tigges,Principal, Dubuque, IA


Jake Stevenson, Principal, Dubuque, IA

Hannah Sinton, Dubuque, IA

Anthony Canganelli, Dubuque, IA

Dubuque Symphony Youth Orchestra

Violin I

Matt Niemer, Concertmaster, Dubuque, IA

Emily Ott, Dubuque, IA

Benjamin Hasker, Platteville, WI

Wincie Doffing, Dubuque, IA

Sara Long, Bellevue, IA

Brandon  Jenkins, Dubuque, IA

Peter Benson, Dubuque, IA

Violin II

Toby Doffing, Dubuque, IA

Elizabeth Manning, Dubuque, IA

Kelly Nowack, Dubuque, IA

Enosh Reeder, Platteville, WI

Hailey Teusink, Dubuque, IA

Noah Sabers, Dubuque, IA


Meghan Peterman, Principal, Dubuque, IA

Nichole Wollmuth, Dubuque, IA

Antonio Gonzalez, Dubuque, IA

Caroline Hendron, Dubuque, IA


Jack Hostager, Principal, Dubuque, IA

Preston Kizer, Zwingle, IA

Tom Tigges, LaMotte, IA

Justin Blum, Dubuque, IA

Sam Sykes, Dubuque, IA



Danielle Dillon, Principal, Platteville, WI


Delaney Kelly,Principal, Dubuque, IA

Emma Fassbinder, Dubuque, IA


Sophia Manternach, Principal, Dubuque, IA

Laura Snyder, Dubuque, IA

Samantha Montag, East Dubuque, IL


Charles Craig, Principal, Maquoketa, IA

KasiaGneiser, Dubuque, IA


Rachael Demaree, Principal, Platteville, WI

Stephanie Hyde, Galena, IL


Eli Gregorich, Principal, Dubuque, IA

Jacob Hansen, Dubuque, IA

Justin Nowack, Dubuque, IA

The DSYE is an educational component of the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra, overseen by the DSO Education Committee. The DSYE's mission is to supplement and enhance music education in the schools and to promote the highest standards of musical excellence via weekly rehearsals and regularly scheduled public performances.

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