Arts Trek

Each school year the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra partners with the Dubuque Community School District and schools from the surrounding region to present a full symphony concert for 3rd grade and 5th grade students.

Third Grade Arts Trek

The 3rd Grade Arts Trek concerts began on March 4, 1988. These 40-minute concerts are designed to introduce the students to a symphony orchestra and the instruments and instrument families that make up an orchestra. For many of the students this will be their first experience listening to live symphonic music.

Fifth Grade Arts Trek

The 5th Grade Arts Trek concerts began on September 9, 2011. These concerts are designed to supplement the fifth graders study of American history (Colonial America and the American Revolution) and National Constitution Day. For many students this will be their second symphony orchestra experience, having also attended the 3rd Grade Arts Trek concert. Our greatest hope is that the students will be inspired to make music themselves - choosing to sing in a choir or play an instrument when the opportunity is presented. 

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Summer Melodies

Jun 24, Sun | 6:30pm