Jim Langenberg

Jim Langenberg


First season with the DSO: 2004-2005
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Education: BM Northern Illinois University, MM Chicago College of the Performing Arts
My earliest musical memory: Throwing quarters in the bell of a sousaphone player who was playing with a polka band at a German themed restaurant, the Heidelberg Castle, when I was 4 years old.
I knew I would make a career in music when: See above… a quarter is a lot of money to a four year old!
Favorite thing about performing music: Playing whole note concertos in the back of the orchestra.
Most memorable performance with the DSO: Tchaikovsky 6. I love the brass chorale at the end of the fourth movement.
Favorite recording: The Antiphonal Music of Gabrieli
Favorite period: Romantic Era
One thing people don’t know about me: I brew my own beer.

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Jim Langenberg

Jim Langenberg

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