Genevieve Gourley

Genevieve Gourley

First year with the DSO: 1984
Hometown: Dubuque
Education: Music Education, University of Dubuque
Earliest musical memory: Picking up the violin for my first lesson and the teacher commenting on my natural vibrato.
Favorite thing about performing music: There is nothing like live music! The sound of all those instruemnts in the orchestra is incredible!
Most memorable performance with the DSO: We had a new section leader and during the fifth movement the seat cushion went to the floor. The section leader stood straight up, and Maestro Intriligator looked over as the seat cushion was carefully placed back on the chair frame. A “statue” played through the end of the movement!
Favorite Composer: Rachmaninoff, Rutter, Gershwin
One thing people don’t know about me: I love to read!

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Wesley Luke

Wesley Luke

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Neil Gopal
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