Board of Directors

As representatives of the public, Dubuque Symphony Orchestra board members ensure that the organization realizes its mission, fulfills its service to the community, and uses funds responsibly toward these ends. Their responsibilities include strategic planning, governance, policy-setting, financial oversight and fundraising.

Executive Board

  • Marian Furst, President
  • Kate Hendel, President-Elect
  • Jack Wertzberger, Secretary
  • Joel Gehling, Treasurer
  • Mantea Schmid, Development Chair & Past President
  • Barb Ehlers, Education Chair
  • Wes Heitzman, Marketing Chair
  • Jacquie Roth, DSO League President
  • Tom Bolduc, At-Large Member
  • Brian Fox, At-Large Member

Board Members 

  • Charles Barland
  • Thomas Bolduc
  • Matthew Boleyn
  • Pauline Chilton
  • Barbara Ehlers
  • Brian J. Fox 
  • Marian Furst
  • Joel Gehling
  • Wes Heitzman
  • Kate Hendel
  • Laura Hess
  • William Intriligator
  • Deborah Labeau
  • John Link
  • Kent Renier
  • Kelley Schiesl
  • Mantea Schmid
  • Mark Wahlert
  • Mariann Weber
  • Jack Wertzberger

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Summer Melodies

Jun 24, Sun | 6:30pm